I admit, when I first started running, I hated and I could not run over a mile. With time I learned how to run in a properly and started to run faster. In fact, I went from barely running a mile to running a 5k in 17 minutes (while training for long distance- Ironman). Not only that, the first race that I ever crossed the finish line in first place was a 5k. 

Run smart

  • personalized training plan that fits your schedule.
  • no bonking nutrition plan.
  • quality workouts and good form.
Feel Good
  • Affordable.
  • Flexible and empowering.
  • With a purpose (20% of your membership goes to help families with physical challenges).
Run Faster
  • Less injuries.
  • No bonking.
  • more fun.

What you get besides real results...

  • Monthly personalized training plan.
  • Nutrition plan.
  • 2 emails per month with the coaches.
  • 2 live Facebook with Q/A.Tips, Recipes, Articles, and Videos.Forum, Chat, and blog.
  • Discount on add on's.
  • Motivation and inspiration.

How it Works


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The rest is with ME...

Richard Wygand

  • 18 Ironman finisher.
  • Winner of the 2016 Hits Triathlon Series 140.6
  • Coaching since 2004.

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Running faster membership only $45 dollars per month with a set up fee of $50

Personalized coaching?

Please contact me at or +1 561 889 5792