Growth coaching 

Our Life Coaching program focus on the balancing of Mind, Body and Soul. This way you can create mindful Changes in your life, Optimize what is already working and Reconnect with your true self. This process will lead you Exceed in Life and create your FEEL GOOD WAY OF LIFE. 

Is the C.O.R.E Method for you?

    Just answer our 7 life questionnaire, if you say YES to any of those questions our C.O.R.E method is for you! 

One on One Coaching

Our  c.o.r.e method coaching program with one on one weekly meetings with Rich Wygand.

Group Coaching 

Our 7 week c.o.r.e method program  starting at 4 or more people. The program is individualized but with weekly group meetings.


The c.o.r.e method program for corporations helping your employees work more mindfully.



One on One Coaching

  • Per month.
  • Weekly meeting with the coach, with a Reiki session (in person or distance)
  • Follow up and feedback.
  •  Nutritional coaching.
  • Mind, Body and Soul coaching


Group Coaching

7 week life changing program with weekly group meetings.

Price per person.

C.o.R.E Corporate


The c.o.r.e method program for corporations.

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