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Triathlon, Plain and simple

Our approach is plain and simple with our c.o.r.e method coaching.

Our Coaching Method

Our coaching method has a unique approach. All our plans include: Nutrition, Training plan and Mindset training all focus on the health of the individual. In order to EXCEED you must be healthy and health incorporates Mind, Body and Soul. We offer coaching and semi coaching. Coaching is a lot more then a training plan, coaching is about communication, constantly adapting the plan for your needs, picking races, make goals etc. A training plan is just a plan and that you can get anywhere. 

Semi coaching is a plan designed for you and your goal, however is delivered upfront with minimum changes.  

Is our method for you? If you answer yes to any question in our questionnaire our plans will fit you!


Over 120 athletes from ground zero to Ironman Finisher


70.3 Finishers 


Over 200 age group champions


Rich Wygand

I had to break the cycle that was holding me back and that meant I had to work on my mind. I needed a new belief system. I decided to quit my job and follow my dream of being a professional triathlete. I worked on my body and lost 100 pounds. I quit smoking....More     

Nelly Beccerra 

Nelly Becerra is one of the pioneers of the sport of triathlon in Mexico, as she has been training and competing for over 20 years. 

Nelly holds the record in Mexico of  her age group in Ironman distance, 10hrs 04 min...More


Alexandra Kelly

Alexandra Kelly is part owner and operator of Evolution Fitness Wellington. Certified in group and personal training. Her love and passion is to inspire all individuals to get healthy and fit. Making her clients journey to reaching their individual goals "fun"...More



$200 per month

Monthly Triathlon Coaching includes: Unlimited communication, Training plan (weekly or biweekly uploaded), Feedback, nutrition, strength and eBook. 

Semi Coaching 

$20 per week

Personalize training plan delivered in advance, by all means once we get all your info and the training plan will be delivered within a week. Includes nutrition, strength, training plan and eBook.

Endurance Club


Includes: Recipes,1 key workout a week (swim, bike, run, SUP and strength), Tips, Forum, Chat, Online events and much more...

Ironman Mexico-Race with us!

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